I didnt like my accomodation. It was not very well maintained. Firstly, there is no proper water dispenser, and the water we refilled from there, it wasnt clean, there were particles floating in the water. I think the photos at the website was very outdated, Click here for more information of the accomodation. I forgot to take photo of the room but i would say it is really very dim.
friendly host sharing his large watermelon with us
the very sleepy cat that sleeps all the time with all sorts of funny poses, i darent sit on this sofa, doesnt look clean
really huge watermelon
water sports packages
we went for 3 of them, namely bottom row, 3rd from left and top row, first and fourth from left. very fun!
our water sports ticket
lockers provided, i like
  • Cheap ( it was around 1000NTD for 3 nights, i checked in on friday night and checked out on monday)
  • Very friendly host, the host is very young
  • Got kenting water sports package, can get discounts. we tried 3 sports for only 550NTD(discounted, U.P. 700NTD)
  • free laundry services
  • shampoo and soap provided
  • Wifi is provided, but that was a staple for all other accomodations that we stayed at in taiwan
  • Poor lighting in our room, no ceiling light, just those backstage dressing room lights, in the website photo, the dressing room lights were well maintained, but when we were there, out of 10 bulbs, only 3 bulbs were working. so i could only use one side of the dressing room light.
  • Very dim, i think that was the reason i accidentally left my uniqlo jeans there, i mistook my jeans for another occupants’ leggings and didnt take it, only realised it when at Puli accomodation, heart pain, SGD30 jeans, it was my jeans that i always wore for dance cos its just so comfy and stretchable.
  • Very messy living room, the sofa looked like it hadnt been cleaned for ages, it looked super dirty, i darent sit on the sofa
  • The mirror in second floor toilet, was kind of makeshift in my opinion. a piece of mirror was pasted onto the window with black tape on 4 corners. I was kind of put off by it. Not sure if they purposely did it in that way as the theme of the hostel or what, but it didnt give me a good impression.
  • Only 1 toilet at the second floor , with 12 people using it. And another toilet at the first floor, but not many people used the first floor toilet. Too few toilets, and toilet paper were not replenished regularly.
  • the second floor toilet, the shower stand was missing, meaning, u cant hang the shower head on a stand and just let lather yourself, you have to keep holding on to the shower head, very inconvenient. My first night i used the second floor toilet, the rest of my nights, i used the first floor toilet.
  • Mattress is thin, not very comfortable, our room has no aircon, the other adjoined room with 8 people has aircon , our room only has a fan. There werent many sockets also.
3/5 (personally the only thing that will make me want to stay there is for the kenting sports packages and free laundry and low cost, other than that, i think ill want to try other hostels instead. And i think one should stay at the kenting main street like kenting space capsule, there are more things to do. The shops near our place, nothing much, so i guess thats the reason why it is cheap, as it is not very accessible. The facilities are not well maintained and inadequate, especially with poorly maintained lighting and shower facilities. The host is very friendly and it is the one of the few hostels that provide free laundry services so thats the good part of it.)